Advancing ECOPRO: Promising Connections and New Horizons in Biodegradable Colorants

April was an exciting month for ECOPRO. 

Ahead of our kick off meeting, TUS/APT and DeltaQ had the opportunity to attend the IPG Annual Polymer Conference in Athlone. It was a great opportunity to interact with polymer industry delegates and particularly discuss the ECOPRO colourants with Colloids Masterbatch representatives at their stand. This led to a further meeting arranged in May to discuss the potential research opportunities with the consortium.

The Zeus Packaging site visit and meeting in Dublin led to a fruitful discussion for the inclusion of the ECOPRO biodegradable colourants in their new venture of R&D for fully biodegradable coffee cups. 

The team was happy to learn about ECOPRO and would welcome the use of the developed colourants from the project in their packaging. Further meetings will take place as we progress with our trials of the developed colorants.

May 2024

Business consultant from South East Bic, Ireland and Academic Director from PEM Research Centre, Atlantic Technological University visited APT, TUS on May 3rd and the meeting led to a successful conversation about the ECOPRO biodegradable colourants and their interest in adapting these developed colours in the 3D printing of polymers. 3D printing could be an additional path of demonstration of the processability of the ECOPRO colorants in polymers.

ECOPRO Kicks Off in TUS Athlone, Ireland